Annual Jazz Dance Programs

Annual Jazz & Tap Dance Festival

The Jazz & Tap Dance Festival is a dance revue with pieces performed by 7-9 companies each year.  Dancin’ Unlimited produces the show to celebrate the vitality and breadth of jazz, tap, and hip-hop dance at this unique Washington area event.  The annual Festival features the artistic achievements of the dancers with the exciting new creations of their choreographers.  This festival is not a recital.  These are advanced and professional dancers performing in a theatrical setting with lots of …  lights – music – action!

The Jazz & Tap Dance Festival is the longest running dance festival in the Washington DC metropolitan area!  It  has survived the test of time.  Most dance festivals in the area are less than 10 years old.  The Festival has lots of variety and generates enthusiasm for “show” dance forms – jazz, tap, hip hop.

Dancin’ Unlimited, a professional jazz dance company in Northern Virginia, produces the Festival as an annual community dance arts effort.  Two other dance companies have been consistent collaborators through the years:  Center Stage Dance Company, which focuses on tap dance, and Encore Theatrical Arts Project, which focuses on musical theater.

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Dancin’ on Broadway – a Jazz Dance Extravaganza

This full length celebration of Broadway musical theater and contemporary concert jazz dance is packed with the signature song and dance pieces that generate the power and passion of the live jazz dance experience.

“We will take you on a jazz dance journey through dance styles that made Broadway famous,” says jazz dancer and choreographer, Marilyn York, the Artistic Director of Dancin’ Unlimited.  Marilyn trained with jazz dance icons Gus Giordano, Luigi, Frank Hatchett, and Phil Cole.  “You’ll find yourself becoming part of the show,” she continues. You’ll see pieces such as:

  • One (from A Chorus Line):  A non-stop, one singular sensation, this is a feel good piece from a show that won nine Tony Awards.
  • Chicago Razzmatazz:  A Bob Fosse style favorite with its crisp sensual movements.
  • Burlesque:  A sultry yet classy medley with music from the motion picture Burlesque.
  • Sinatra:  Where the world of Frankie is still alive with choreography from Mark Morris company member Spencer Ramirez.
  • Minnie the Moocher:  A classy night club scene with music made famous by Cab Calloway and dancing from the era of the premier 1930’s Cotton Club jazz venue.

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That’s Jazz Dance – America’s indigenous dance form!

“That’s Jazz Dance” is a mini jazz dance concert and discussion program with full-length jazz dance numbers and audience participation. The entire dance company is presented in approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

A range of classic concert jazz and theatrical dance (including Broadway and hip hop) entertains and provides historical perspective about transitions in popular dance arts through the 20th century.  The “dance through time” approach demonstrates how Jazz dance has evolved and influenced American culture.  Notable dancers and choreographers are mentioned, as well as the value of dance in our lives.  Our jazz dance demonstration program is suitable to audiences of all ages and can be easily customized and priced to meet your special needs.

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Virginia County Coalition Annual Gala – “A Celebration of Dance”

“A Celebration of Dance” is a gala and a showcase, usually in October each year!  It’s a fun, spectacular performing arts gala-event and it’s a showcase of dance styles – ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and international dances.  It’s a celebration of the high caliber and dynamic dance talent of Viriginia.  VADC has created this dance production for the entire region.  The program inspires dance students and audiences to be a part of making Virginia a center for dance excellence. The experience draws nationwide attention to the quality of dance evolving in our area.  Marilyn York is the Gala Director and Dancin’ Unlimited presents 1-2 pieces in each annual show.

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Community Shows

Dancin’ Unlimited performs in 1-2 community or regional productions each year.  These may be festivals, revues, or community fairs.  The importance and value of dance in our culture is that it provokes creativity, imagination, critical and analytical awareness and intuition. This happens in a way that highlights problem-solving and decision-making methods, and skills leading to multiple ways of expressing thoughts and emotions. It also can result in better communications, the acceptance of difference and opposition, and ultimately to co-operation and harmony.

Customized Shows

Dancin’ Unlimited can customize a dance program to meet your jazz dance and musical theater entertainment interests. We will tailor the show for the audience, event, time and space.  “Just ask – we can do it!” says Marilyn York.  If you have a favorite piece, we can work with it.  Marilyn’s been choreographing to musical theatre favorites for more than 30 years.  She’s good at matching a show tune to the theme of a special occasion as well as creating a thematic medley.  She works with events planners and sponsors to craft options that address production challenges and can work easily with sound and lights technicians.  She makes changes in entrances and choreography to accommodate unforeseen venue changes such as a banquet room set up in the round [at the last minute] rather than with a stage.

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