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One of the special membership benefits: A members only Dancin’ Unlimited Studio Show

The Annual Dancin’ Unlimited Studio Show is a private show and reception usually in November. The show includes 30-35 minutes of both finished pieces and works in progress and is the signature event of our Friends of Jazz Dance campaign.  It’s our way of sharing the gift of dance and thanking our supporters for helping to build a strong regional Jazz Dance company here in Northern Virginia. Our “Friends of Jazz Dance” play a huge part in growing our outreach and capacity as an organization; as well as perpetuating and evolving our Made in America jazz dance cultural heritage.

Why does Dancin’ Unlimited need your membership?

Dancin’ Unlimited is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, qualified under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code, which is committed to community enrichment through jazz dance. (Information on our organizational status may be found at

Those involved in this mission are fully dedicated to its cause. Our dancers and artistic director receive modest honorariums for their generous and amazing talents. This helps them to continue their artistic work while we still maintain our high standards of artistic achievement. We have no paid administrative staff. Every dollar we receive continues to fund our investment in the community of jazz dance. Your support is essential to our continuing work.

Where does my contribution go?

Your tax-deductible contribution enables Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company (DUJDC) to continue to bring you all of the wonderful dance performances as well as to support our rehearsals, classes, workshops, and educational programs that we provide year after year in our community.

Our regular programs include:

  • Annual Jazz & Tap Dance Festival
  • Dancin on Broadway & Beyond – full length show
  • That’s Jazz Dance – 45 minute jazz dance demo programs for school audiences
  • Friends of Jazz Dance Studio Show
  • Fairfax County Dance Coalition Annual Gala – “A Celebration of Dance” (DUJDC is a founding member of the Fairfax County Dance Coalition)
  • Community festivals & fairs
  • Jazz Dance Master Classes and Jazz Dance Instructor Workshops
  • Jazz Dance for Dance Teams workshops
  • Guest Jazz Dance Choreographers
  • Other public & private performances

Membership Levels

  • Students: $15
  • Adults: $25
  • Friend: $50
  • Contributing Friend: $75
  • Patron: $100
  • Spotlight: $200
  • Sponsor: $500
  • Keystone: $1000

We thank you for supporting jazz dance and Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company!