Friends of Jazz Dance

Dedicated to the Perpetuation of Jazz Dance

You may be a dancer, teach dance, support a young dancer, or follow a professional dancer’s career. Perhaps you have paid for dance lessons, or driven your dancer to class regularly. You have attended performances and sent flowers or gifts. You have encouraged dancers and applauded their achievements. You have felt immeasurable pride when your dancer stepped on stage. We invite you to become a “Friend of Jazz Dance” and join our Dancin’ Unlimited network.  Arts organizations these days rely on a network of supporters, especially dance organizations.

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As a supporter, volunteer, or contributor, thank you for participating in Dancin’ Unlimited events and activities.  Since 1973, Dancin’ Unlimited has produced jazz and musical theatre shows, sponsored the annual Jazz & Tap Dance Festival at the Northern Virginia Community College Annandale Theatre, organized jazz dance master classes, provided educational shows for school students, and performed in local events.  Our choreography has won invitations to the Giordano Jazz Dance World Congress.  During the past several years, we co-founded the Fairfax County Dance Coalition, affiliated with the Arts Council of Fairfax County, and dedicated to making Fairfax County a center for dance excellence!

Out of dedication to the heritage and growth of jazz dance, Dancin’ Unlimited’s vision extends outwards, to give our audiences the opportunity to experience America’s indigenous dance form. We do this by:

  • Presenting: We choreograph and perform four or more new concert and Broadway style jazz dances each year at the annual Jazz & Tap Dance Festival, at local community events, and many other public and private venues.
  • Producing: Every year we proudly produce the Jazz & Tap Dance Festival that combines the talents of six to eight area jazz, tap, and hip-hop dance companies. This will be the 25th annual Festival.
  • Promoting: Through this Internet website and promotional materials distributed to schools, colleges, dance studios, and community events, we promote an awareness of our jazz dance heritage.
  • Educating: At least once a year, we engage world renowned jazz dance master teachers and choreographers, and provide jazz dance master classes to dance students at area studios.
  • Demonstrating: As part of the Creative Arts in Public Schools (CAPS) and other school programs that promote the arts, we showcase and demonstrate jazz dance to area school students of all ages.