FAQ – Dancin’ on Broadway

Dancin’ on Broadway – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dancin’ on Broadway and BeyondWhat will I see?

Dancin’ on Broadway is a celebration of Broadway musical theater and contemporary jazz dance.  Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company packs the show with signature songs and dance pieces from popular Broadway shows.

What is musical theater?

Musical theater is a form of theater combining dance with music, song, and spoken dialogue.  Musical theater tells a story, communicated through words, music, and movement, as well as, other technical aspects of the show.  There is usually dramatic content-comedy, love, anger-associated with each musical theater piece.  Musical theater stage productions are usually referred to as “musicals”.

What is contemporary jazz dance?

Originating from West African musical tradition, jazz dance has grown from the streets of New Orleans to Vaudeville to Broadway musical theater to the jazz concert stage.  Jazz has evolved over the 20th century to include the lively Lindy Hop, the sleek stylings of musical theater legend Bob Fosse, and the hip-hop of today’s hot, young artists.

For Marilyn York, the main focus of her career has been the “classic” approach to jazz dance.  Classic jazz technique borrows heavily from the fluid lines of ballet, featuring broad, grounded movements and captivating music. Though it demands years of training, jazz allows dancers more freedom to showcase their personalities.  Quality jazz dance is timeless and a living artistic history.  Kinetic yet fluid, technically acute, while hugely entertaining, it is always fresh and reflection of a mixture of popular musical culture.