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East Meets West Videos

Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company presents 

An International Dance Showcase: East Meets West

A unique and impressive exhibition of international dance, that will give you a peek into the cultural traditions and talents from around the world that are right in our own communities. It will stimulate and strengthen friendships and understanding among people of different cultures and share the uniqueness of each heritage.

East Meets West 2017 Digital Download is now available HERE

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East Meets West 2017


East Meets West 2018 Digital Download is COMING SOON!

(Please check back again in early November 2018.)

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Dancin' Unlimited
Annual Performances:

January: Virginia Dance Coalition Dance Fest

March: Jazz & Tap Dance Festival

May: Dancin' on Broadway & Beyond

July: Artscape Baltimore

November: East Meets West International Dance Showcase

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