Dancin’ Unlimited can provide the best live jazz dance in our area!  Complete with sparkle, jazz hands and top hats for an audience experience of the power and inspiration of jazz culture.  “Just ask – we can do it!” says Marilyn York.  If you have a favorite piece, we can work with it.

Marilyn’s been choreographing to musical theatre favorites for more than 30 years.  She’s good at matching a show tune to the theme of a special occasion as well as creating a thematic medley.  She works with Events Planners and sponsors to craft options that address production challenges and can work easily with sound and lights technicians.  “She’s calm under pressure,” comments Lauren Green, company dancer and dance reviewer for the blog DanceDC. “I’ve seen her and the dancers make major changes in entrances and choreography to accommodate unforeseen venue changes such as a banquet room set up in the round [at the last minute] rather than with a stage.”

Dancin’ Unlimited remains true to jazz dance as a uniquely American art form.  The following is a short list of Broadway and other music that Marilyn has used for customized shows and special events.

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Our Broadway repertoire includes but is not limited to:

Sample Dances from Popular Shows
One (A Chorus Line) Who’s Got the Pain (Damn Yankees)Chicago Razzmatazz (Chicago)Greased Lightnin’ (Grease)America (West Side Story)42nd Street Tap (42nd Street)

Magic to Do (Pippin)

Dancin’ Dan (Fosse)

Steam Heat (Pajama Game)

Dancin’ Fool (Copacabana)

Gotcha (Fosse)


Sample Concert Jazz Dance Repertoire

Dancin’ Unlimited has created a rich repertoire of concert jazz and contemporary dance pieces.  Marilyn’s choreography has been selected for three Giordano Jazz Dance World Congresses.  She creates new dances each year for the Jazz & Tap Dance Festival and the Dancin’ on Broadway & Beyond shows.  She also presents excerpts for our That’s Jazz Dance programs for schools, colleges, and community events.  DUJDC is privileged to work with internationally known jazz dance masters, who have shared their talents as guest choreographers, such as Chet Walker and Joe Orlando.

Name of Piece, Choreographer


Keys to Imagination – By Marilyn York Purely about the dancer’s manipulation of their bodies in classic jazz dance style, Keys to Imagination’s leaps and turns will twist into the viewers’ minds.
Into the Night – By Marilyn York With its slow tempo and strong lines, this classic style jazz dance piece draws the audience into its rich form and expression.
Visions – By Marilyn York A finalist in the 2009 Jazz Dance World Congress. “Visions” is a reflection of ourselves, the influences of people around us, and our personal journey through life.
Hybrid – By Marilyn York A finalist in the 2007 Jazz Dance World Congress, “Hybrid’ is a fusion of athletic fiery movement and strong classical jazz dance technique.
Drum – By Marilyn York Drum is an intense tribal work, super physical and highly aerobic.  It elevates raw, percussive African movement to the jazz concert stage with live drummers and risk taking partnering.
Chambermaid Swing – By Marilyn York Reaching back to ragtime, this fun, carefree piece is about maids on a holiday.
Layla – By Marilyn York A sultry tribute to an Eric Clapton masterpiece, Layla’s smooth movements and acoustic appeal makes it an obvious favorite.
Gotcha – By Marilyn York Gotcha is a fun and sassy jazz work performed to music by Joe Tex.  Inspired by Bob Fosse, Gotcha is full of energy and classical jazz technique, which will leave you smiling and wanting more.
Tijuana Breakfast – By Chet Walker Choreographed by world renowned Broadway choreographer Chet Walker, “Tijuana Breakfast” amuses the eye with articulated movements and pizzazz.
Primo Primal – By Joe Orlando This combines jazz syncopation with native rhythms and contemporary style making it appealing across the borders of dance.
Minnie the Moocher – By Stephanie York A classy night club scene with music made famous by Cab Calloway and dancing from the times of the premier 1930’s Cotton Club jazz venue.
White Out – By Stephanie York A contemporary jazz piece that encourages the audience to get past, or white out, life problems, address the lessons learned and start again.  DUJDC highlights Stephanie’s choreography each year.  Other contemporary pieces include:  Rubber Tread, Push, Theory of Sound, and Because You Told Me Not To.
Can Can The traditional French dance that takes the audience back to the Bohemia craze of the Moulin Rouge.