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Dancin’ Unlimited is always available for:

  • Customized Shows
  • Corporate Events and Conventions
  • Festivals and Cabarets
  • Concert Performances
  • School Jazz Dance Demonstrations
  • Jazz Dance Master Classes
  • Educational Programs
  • Your special event!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will customize a dance program to fit your needs.

Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company (DUJDC), under the artistic direction of Marilyn York, was the Washington DC metropolitan area’s first jazz dance company and has been performing continuously since 1973.  Presenting “cabaret style” shows, we perform a vast repertoire of jazz dance styles, from classical concert jazz to showy Broadway pieces.  Marilyn has taught, directed and produced dance shows for more than 30 years, and is known for her smooth, classical style. She is “Jazz Dance with Class.”

Dancin’ Unlimited can provide the best live jazz dance in our area!  Complete with sparkle and top hats for a powerful and thoroughly entertaining event. “Just ask – we can do it!” says Marilyn.  If you have a favorite piece, we can work with it.  We are experts at making your vision come to life.

Marilyn works with Events Planners and sponsors to craft options that address production challenges and can work easily with sound and lights technicians.  “She’s calm under pressure,” comments Lauren Green, company dancer and dance reviewer for the blog DanceDC. “I’ve seen her and the dancers make major changes in entrances and choreography to accommodate unforeseen venue changes such as a banquet room set up in the round [at the last minute] rather than with a stage.”

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Dancin' Unlimited Jazz Dance Company
Annual Performances

  • January: Virginia Dance Coalition Dance Fest

    March: Jazz & Tap Dance Festival

    May: Dancin' on Broadway & Beyond

    July: Artscape Baltimore

    October: International Dance Showcase

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