Jazz Dance Instructors

Workshops for Jazz Dance Instructors

For: Professional Dance Instructors interested in teaching Jazz Dance
Length: 4-6 hours – divided into two sessions
Location: Black Box theatre or Dance Studio (to be arranged)
Description: Marilyn York presents Jazz Dance train the trainer workshops that help professional dance instructors expand their teaching skills to include Jazz Dance.  The program includes:

  • Jazz dance oriented warm ups
  • Jazz dance styles through the 20th Century
  • Building Jazz dance skills and techniques from age 9-10 to high school
  • Transitioning from ballet and modern technique to jazz dance techniques
  • Choreography sequences – using concert jazz and Broadway music
  • Injury prevention

Marilyn has had unusual opportunities in her dance career to learn from jazz dance artists:  Luigi, Frank Hatchet, Gus Giordano, and others.  They noticed her very natural jazz dance technique early on.  She weaves this exposure and appreciation for jazz dance through the decades of the 20th century into all of her programs.

Her primary interest in these workshops is to help others continue this indigenous American dance heritage.  Marilyn has been teaching ballet, modern and jazz dance for more than 30 years in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  She describes how dance students tend to build jazz dance techniques year by year and provides guidance on making dance developmentally appropriate, challenging and fun.  She emphasizes a strong classical dance (ballet and modern) foundation for jazz dance.

Price Factors: Length of the class, number of participants, instructor fee, number of DUJDC dancer assistants, travel required, studio or theatre rental fees if required, handout materials and training supplies.