“Jazz Dance With Class”

Our Mission

To promote, produce, and present jazz dance, a uniquely American art form, featuring artistic integrity that reflects both traditional and innovative choreography performed by professional jazz dancers.

Our Vision

Dedicated to the perpetuation and growth of jazz dance, Dancin’ Unlimited provides audience opportunities to experience America’s indigenous dance form as today’s contemporary jazz dance.

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance, whose roots extend deep into the cultural soil of Louisiana, has traveled from the streets of New Orleans to Broadway and to the concert stage.  It is a blend of African and European music and dance forms.

Jazz Dance is often described as simply dance to jazz music.  As Duke Ellington said, reflecting on the strong rhythms, energy, human inspiration and courage of jazz music, “It don’t mean a thing…if it…ain’t got that swing!”  The pauses are as important as the notes.

Contemporary jazz dance is a powerful fusion of original jazz dance styles with other forms of dance ranging from classical ballet to popular street dance.  As a living artistic history, jazz dance stems from the heart of a nation never at rest. Kinetic yet fluid, technically acute yet hugely entertaining, jazz dance reflects the diversity of our nation and celebrates its energy.


Dancin’ Unlimited formed in 1973 as the Dance Theatre Company of Northern Virginia.  Under the artistic direction of Marilyn York, in 1985, Dancin’ Unlimited produced the first Jazz & Tap Dance Festival, now an annual community event.  We were selected (2007, 09) to perform original choreography at the Jazz Dance World Congress, an international dance festival held in Chicago.  Over 40 years we have evolved a mix of entertainment and educational programs…

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Dancin’ Unlimited, as a non-profit arts organization, creates new and exciting programs each year:  Jazz & Tap Dance Festival, Dancin’ on Broadway & Beyond, That’s Jazz Dance, customized shows for conferences, business, events, festivals and special occasions.   Our repertoire ranges from concert to contemporary jazz dance, from Big Band era to Broadway.  We provide advanced jazz dance training in Northern Virginia, including master classes, jazz dance instructor training, jazz dance technique & injury prevention for Dance teams.

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