Virginia Dance Coalition

Dancin’ Unlimited is a founding member and proud sponsor of the Virginia Dance Coalition.

A community voice for dance!

In 2008 Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company (DUJDC) initiated and joined with other Virginia dance organizations to co-found the Virginia Dance Coalition (VADC – formerly known as the Fairfax County Dance Coalition).  We believe that the arts contribute to community vitality and are an asset in a global society.  The arts build bridges among people.  They facilitate intercultural understanding and provide a common lexicon for growing relationships, strengthening and inspiring civic participation.  Americans who engage in the arts are more likely to engage in other aspects of community life, such as voting and volunteering.  DUJDC supports VADC because the arts, and in our case – dance, foster a thriving democracy.  Jazz dance is an inherent part of our American cultural and democratic heritage.

VADC is a collaboration of dance organizations, dance educators, professional dancers and choreographers.  Members work together to grow opportunities for dance and build audience appreciation and enthusiasm for the diversity of dance companies and programs in Virginia.

Our advanced and professional dancers need performance opportunities and appropriate venues for dance.  We have high school dancers winning places in national companies and college dance programs who should have recognition and support to continue their training.  We have emerging choreographers who could be dazzling our own community with their new concepts who only need the encouragement of mentors and sponsors.  Dance experiences, as all arts and sports activities, whether enjoyed as a participant or an observer, enrich the cultural fabric of Virginia.

The VADC goals are to:

  • Address the many issues facing the dance arts across Virginia
  • Build the local dance network
  • Bring dance experiences to under served audiences
  • Increase performance venues for dance
  • Expand audiences
  • Coordinate community dance festivals
  • Grow advanced learning opportunities with master classes and choreographers
  • Provide links to resources for dance classes and programs
  • Increase the visibility, understanding, and access to dance.

VADC programs and activities include:

  • “A Celebration of Dance,” an annual Gala Showcase
  • Annual Dance Scholarship for High School Seniors
  • Emerging Choreography Showcase and Choreographer Workshops
  • Workshops for Dance Educators
  • Performance Venues in Virgina [advocacy for…]
  • Network for Dance in Virginia

The Virginia Dance Coalition is open to all dance organizations and individuals interested in supporting and promoting the dance arts.

Click here to visit the VADC website.