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Dance Team Workshops

A Workshop for Dance Teams on
Jazz Dance Technique and Injury Prevention

For: High School Dance Team Members and Coaches
Length: Two hours –  usually on a Sunday afternoon
Location: High School Gym or Dance Room, to be arranged
Description: Dance Team members are invited to join Marilyn York, artistic director of Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company, in a fun two hour workshop of classic American Broadway and jazz dance techniques that can be incorporated into your routines.  You’ll learn standard isolation moves and flow of jazz dance with ways to make the most of jazz rhythms, including the pauses between the beats!  Marilyn also weaves in tips for dancers to prevent injuries that commonly occur when dancing on uneven surfaces, black top and gym floors.  1-2 Dancin’ Unlimited professional jazz dancers assist Marilyn during the workshop, so everyone receives individual attention.
Special Requests: Coaches are welcome to talk with Marilyn before the workshop to focus on specific dance skills and moves.  Marilyn has re-choreographed musical theatre jazz dance masters from A Chorus Line to West Side Story, Guys and Dolls to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  She stages jazz, hip hop, tap and Latin, all the ingredients to Dance Team programs.
Price: This two hour workshop is offered to high school Dance Teams for $16 a person (minimum 15 participants or $240 per workshop) up to $400 (maximum 35 participants).  The cost of renting studio space, would be extra, but can be arranged if no high school facility is available to the dance teams.


It don’t mean a thing … if it … ain’t got that swing! 

– Duke Ellington

Dancin' Unlimited
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January: Virginia Dance Coalition Dance Fest

March: Jazz & Tap Dance Festival

May: Dancin' on Broadway & Beyond

July: Artscape Baltimore

November: East Meets West International Dance Showcase

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