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Intern with Dancin’ Unlimited Jazz Dance Company

For Arts Management, Marketing and Communications, Dance and Theatre Majors, and Non-Profit Managers “to be!”

Internships:  Dancin’ Unlimited offers a variety of work experiences with a non-profit performing arts organization and exposure to the operational, marketing and fundraising challenges.

Grow Your Skills:  You’ll be working with the artistic director, producer, Board leaders, and the dancers. Every semester we have opportunities to grow your professional work skills as well as contribute to Dancin’ Unlimited’s capacity to perform in a variety of community locations.

How it Works:  We start with your learning objectives for an internship. Together we match those with the long and short range plans of the dance company to form your goals for the semester. At the beginning we give you background materials about Dancin’ Unlimited, managing a dance company and the funding challenges, and dance in the Washington Metropolitan area. We include you in any Board and performance activities you are able to fit into your schedule. Our hours are flexible and most of your individual activities can be done from your home. We meet with you or check in by phone/email weekly, and complete the communication requirements of your college program so you can receive credit for this experience.

Have Fun and Contribute to the Performing Arts!  As a jazz and musical theatre oriented Dance Company, we produce exciting, uplifting, audience entertainment. You’ll have fun working with our talented crew and contribute significantly to our organizational development.

See below the range of options to choose from below and contact our Internship Coordinator here.

Marketing and Advertising:

  • Developing marketing plan for expanding regional audiences
  • Audience feedback (survey)
  • Post performance feedback interviews
  • Developing press and public relations materials for various events and audiences
  • Sending advertising materials to local newspapers, radio and TV stations
  • Developing Website advertising links
  • Writing material for website about jazz dance, jazz choreographers and history
  • Organizing photo shoots and videotaping sessions
  • Collecting company bio’s and editing for the website and other print purposes

Grants Development and Fundraising: 

  • Researching and benchmarking other dance companies in regards to their Board members and functions, company activities, ways to overcome typical dance company challenges
  • Organizing the Silent Auction for the Jazz & Tap Festival
  • Drafting grant proposals (with Board members), e.g., Arts Council of Fairfax, Virginia Commission for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts.

Management and Organizational Development:

  • Coordinating Board Meetings: Agenda, materials
  • Developing and maintaining a regular company calendar (on separate company website)
  • Developing long term plans (4 – 5 year)
  • Company satisfaction interviews (workforce retention & development)
  • Recruiting and orienting Volunteers

Company Events Planning and Coordination:

  • Coordinating a master class weekend
  • Coordinating audition process
  • Organizing company social event – picnic, holiday party
  • Jazz & Tap Festival coordination activities, e.g., house manager functions, ticket sales
  • Applications for Festivals and professional dance conferences, e.g., Giordano Jazz Dance World Conference

Business Development (commercial paid performances):

  • Drafting or updating business development plan for increasing commercial jobs
  • Building contacts with events planners and booking agents
  • Updating the contact database
  • Develop proposal and project ideas